“Flo and I became close due to our love of advocacy. We crave change and a challenge. She consistently volunteers for one of our services and is the Vice President of the Resident Council.

“She is like family to me at work, she gives me hugs if I don’t show up in the morning with a smile on my face.”

— Yaritsa Castillo

Senior Case Manager at Mercy Housing

“I literally came here with nothing. I took the bus to school. An hour and a half there, and an hour and a half back. It was a rough semester.”

“I saved up, and now I have a vehicle. I can go visit my niece. A couple of the ladies here even call me for a ride, and I like that. I like helping my neighbors.”


Who received her autism diagnosis while finishing up her associate’s degree in psychology.

“I moved in nine months ago, but I feel like I’ve been here for years already. I’ve made lots of friends and we are always doing something. We have coffee club every day and it’s nice to have things to do.

“The only day I rest is Sunday, and I like it like that.”


Who finally feels at home after more than 20 years without a place of her own.

People of Mercy is a series celebrating the more than 3,000 people who call Mercy Housing Mountain Plains home. From seniors in Arizona to families across Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa, these stories give us a glimpse inside the lives of those we serve.