Mercy Housing Southeast Students Excel During Time of National Learning Loss

Students across the country saw a decline in math and reading scores due to the devastating impact of COVID. In fact, the pandemic affected nearly every aspect of children’s lives, including their education, social interactions, and their mental and physical health.

Students who call Mercy Housing Southeast home had the same experience. However, thanks to our Out-of-School Time (OST) programming, which includes tutoring, homework support, educational outings, and enrichment opportunities to achieve academically and help to secure their future – there was a BIG difference – youth residents thrived.

 Just the Stats:

 Despite having to transition to virtual learning, lack of internet access in their homes, illness, and parents who have lost their jobs, Mercy Housing Southeast students achieved:

  • Following the 2021-2022 school year, all 54 students participating in Out-of-School-Time programming were promoted to the next grade level.
  • Of the 30 students who voluntarily shared their grades, 100% improved their grades from the first to the final report card for the year.
  • Four high school students graduated in 2022 and began their college education last fall.

Adapting to a Virtual World

 For many Mercy Housing Southeast families and students, making the switch from in-person learning to attending school virtually didn’t come without challenges. When students’ homes lacked the technology needed to participate in virtual learning, we focused on closing the digital divide and ensuring that students had high-speed internet access.

We are proud of these students and the dedicated staff who saw them through these unprecedented times!