12th & River Celebrates 10 Years

12th & River is an affordable housing community in Boise, ID. This senior community, with 53 apartment homes near downtown, provides easy access to the Green Belt (a walking and bike path that runs along the Boise River).

In celebration of 10 years, we met with Rebecca to hear her story and learn what makes this community so special. Originally from Wisconsin, Rebecca now calls 12th & River home.

Deciding she needed to do more to stay healthy, Rebecca set a goal meant just for her. She began her running journey with an inspiring neighbor: a 94-year-old woman who walked most days, attended lots of activities, and could never sit still.

Rebecca had a simple goal. She wanted to run a half marathon before turning 70. Now she needed a cheering section.

Luckily, she didn’t have to look far. Her husband of 49 years (he has since passed) was her biggest fan and supporter. As other residents learned of her goal, they joined in to cheer her on.

That sense of community is the center of everything that happens at 12th & River.

“When I lost my husband, it was this community who got me through that painful time,” said Rebecca.

While grief never ends, Rebecca slowly discovered a new normal and got back to jogging and running. With a little help from her friends, neighbors, and the staff of 12th & River, Rebecca accomplished her goal.

“It was more walking than jogging, and I won’t tell you my final time, but I crossed the finish line of a half marathon before my 70th birthday,” said Rebecca. “Still to this day when I think of that accomplishment, I get emotional. I was really proud of myself.”