Johnston Center Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Johnston Center Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Mercy Housing Lakefront recently celebrated the Johnston Center Residences’ 10-year anniversary. This beautiful community in Milwaukee’s Lincoln Village neighborhood serves people that have experienced chronic homelessness, with affordable homes and essential resident services.Johnston Center Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Staying Connected

Lawrence, resident at Johnston Center Residences The event was celebrated with catered boxed lunches which were distributed for 54 residents and attended by staff. Connections between Mercy Housing staff and residents are irreplaceable. This bond is what made the past 10 years of success possible and will help us carry on creating positive change for communities that need it most, well into the future.

Just minutes from public transportation on Milwaukee’s south side, the Johnston Center is a model community offering access to resources that help residents pursue better health, increased self-sufficiency, employment, and education goals. Many residents are disabled and live with very low incomes, but thanks to dedicated staff and the support of the neighborhood, the Johnston Center represents a new chapter for them.

305 Thank You’s

Johnston Center Celebrates 10-Year AnniversaryWe had the privilege of celebrating two staff anniversaries as well. We thank Luecrisha, Property Manager, and Lisa, Case Manager II, for 10 years of service at the Johnston Center. Luecrisha and Lisa have moved in 305 residents over the past decade — at least 40% had directly come from experiencing chronic homelessness and many of those residents have successfully moved on to other permanent housing. Their dedication and depth of knowledge continues to enrich the lives of residents and the entire neighborhood.

Johnston Center is the gold standard for permanent supportive housing in Milwaukee County. This track record of success will continue thanks to residents, staff, and all the incredible supporters that help Mercy Housing Lakefront offer homes with respect, justice, and mercy.

Message from Mercy Housing Lakefront’s President Mark Angelini

“My deep thanks to Luecrisha and Lisa for your hard work and dedication! I think that the JC [Johnston Center] is an even more beautiful place now because in the past 10 years it has become a community, a home for those in need of care, comfort, and support – which once received has given JC residents dignity and hope. And the most beautiful thing of all is that our wonderful residents support each other, are active in support of the surrounding neighborhood, and are a part of the fabric of the City of Milwaukee. So, with gratitude and a big smile, I toast 10 wonderful years of the Johnston Center, knowing that the building, this fantastic community, and our mission will be going on long into the future!” — Mark Angelini, Mercy Housing Lakefront President