Rolando G. Graduation Speech

“We, the kids and teens, will accomplish our goals!”

Your support allows Mercy Housing residents to achieve greatness. A stable home and community made a monumental difference for Rolando, a Sterling Meadow’s resident. His inspirational graduation speech inspired us so much that we had to share it with you. As we enter a new school year, everyone at Mercy Housing is keeping Rolando’s words of wisdom in our hearts as we hit the books with resident students.

Sterling Meadows, a 50-home farm-working community in Bellingham, Washington, has an extraordinary track record in student academic success and even recently celebrated its fifth consecutive year of 100% graduation rate for high school seniors (38 Sterling Meadows youth have graduated since 2011, and 25 have gone on to pursue higher education).

“Sterling Meadows, our home, a place where opportunity and support help us meet our goals. Sterling Meadows is home to hardworking parents who are in search of a better life for their sons and daughters. Here, we can go hiking, camping, mountain biking, swimming, and even rock climbing with our friends. We go to local colleges and university tours. Post-secondary education is easier to pursue now, thanks to staff.”

“We, the kids and teens, will accomplish our goals, and there are already young adults from Sterling Meadows who are reaching their goals. From Sterling Meadows we will move forward, because of your efforts as teachers and parents, to further our education — we value everything you have done for us. Your sacrifices as parents got us here today! At Sterling Meadows, we all grow and have the opportunity to be doctors, engineers, teachers, policemen and policewomen, and so much more. We hope to have careers we are happy with, that we will enjoy, and our lives are forever enriched from the experiences we’ve had here with Mercy Housing.”

— Speech from Rolando G., Class of 2019

Thanks to your support, these stories of success were made possible. Now, many people in need have a better chance at brighter futures, and we’re all so thankful for your compassion. Thank you!