senior with a tray of baked goods

3 Ways to Learn from Seniors in Your Community

This month, we celebrate Older Americans Month. The knowledge and wisdom that seniors offer future generations must be cherished. May is just one month, but what you learn from this special time can carry on throughout your life. The research is there, Mercy Housing sees it every day, and chances are you’ve experienced it first hand—doing something good for others improves everyone’s lives.

1. Connect 

Connecting with seniors in your community is easier than you may think. Mercy Housing senior properties and many other communities throughout the country have opportunities to volunteer, learn, and simply hang out. Shared space is just one way that we try to facilitate that interaction naturally. At some senior communities, Mercy Housing has coffee shops and retail space in the same building where seniors can meet members of the neighborhood and connect.

mission creek property with beautiful waterfront views
Mission Creek in California has a café, onsite library, commercial retail space, and dry cleaner where seniors and neighbors can mingle and meet.

2. Create 

Become friends with a senior in your neighborhood. Personal enrichment, education, and improved health can happen at any age, and keeping communities multi-generational is vital for that to take place. It’s important for seniors to have a stable, affordable home with access to healthcare, transportation, and a neighborhood that embraces them.

55 Laguna exterior with blue sky
Open House Community at 55 Laguna is a property in the Mission District of San Francisco. Some members of this community were early activists that supported LGBTQ rights. The neighborhood embraces this heritage and still gains wisdom from the senior residents today.

3. Contribute 

You’d be surprised how many activities you do every day that you could teach or share with a senior. Yes, even yoga! We have yoga for seniors classes amongst many others. Teaching a class or activity gives you a chance to meet seniors, but it also provides valuable time for seniors to meet other seniors as well.

Chair Yoga class at Countryside Senior Apartments
Residents improve core strength and balance while making new friends and laughing a lot at Mercy Housing’s senior yoga classes.

Get Involved

Mercy Housing has many senior properties and currently partners with a variety of inspiring organizations that are connecting, creating, and contributing with seniors. To learn more or ask questions, reach out to our volunteer coordinators to explore opportunities for you to grow with seniors, in your community!

Useful Resources

  • LeadingAge is a great resource for all things related to seniors—we’ll all be there someday, so why not give back, contribute, and appreciate seniors now.