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Staying Green

Mercy Housing’s Green Hope Initiative has led the way for our sustainability efforts. Reducing our energy and resource use isn’t a luxury with a hefty price tag—it’s essential and even saves Mercy Housing residents money on utilities. Partners are vital to our success.

SAHF (Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future) is a nonprofit collaborative of 13 nonprofit affordable housing providers—Mercy Housing being one of them—who own more than 138,000 affordable rental homes across the United States. They’re vital partners for Mercy Housing who share our environmental ethos. Together, we ensure that future generations have a stable place to call home that is eco-friendly as well.

Mercy Housing hosted SAHF’s annual energy peer group meeting at our home office in Denver. Green Hope made a presentation about the decision process and prioritization of implementing energy and money-saving measures. This allowed SAHF members a sharing opportunity covering efficiency and healthy building practices, utility conservation programs, tenant data collection, resident benefits of sustainability, and renewable energy and community solar options for property owners and residents.

mercy housing and sahf tour the alliance center in colorado
Chris Bowyer, Director of Building Operations at The Alliance Center, talks to SAHF energy peer group members about the building’s solar photovoltaic array and battery storage system.

The group toured The Alliance Center and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). They learned about The Alliance Center’s energy systems, waste reduction program, and solar photovoltaic array. At NREL, members toured the lab and learned about new clean technologies and the energy systems that power buildings, especially affordable housing.

This exciting week of brainstorming will help pave the way toward greater numbers of sustainable, affordable housing practices throughout the country. To learn more about Mercy Housing’s environmental sustainability programs and commitments, visit our new webpage.