Mercy in Spring

Happy Spring!

I’m grateful for you and all Mercy Housing supporters that make our work possible, providing much needed affordable homes and services. I want to share with you some of our updates from around the country from the past few months!

It’s already been an exciting year: we’ve had authors share their books with young residents, yoga classes for seniors, sizable donations toward Resident Services, and support from the NFL. Engaging Mercy Housing families and homes with community organizations and partners is deeply enriching for everyone. It’s motivating to see the vast numbers of concerned citizens that have chosen to share their skills, knowledge, and most importantly, time as volunteers with Mercy Housing. Daily, more people are realizing that there are far too many people living without the opportunity to call a place home. Together, we’re changing that.

Thanks again for your support; you’re giving hope and mercy where it’s needed most. If you want to stay involved or even do more, I encourage you to explore our new website to discover ways to meet and help with Mercy Housing communities near you — your time and resources are cherished beyond words.

Yours in Hope,

Jane Graf

Jane Graf
President & CEO
Mercy Housing