5 Facts – Who’s Hungry?

It’s Poverty Awareness Month and you can’t talk about poverty without discussing food. Food insecurity — “a lack of available financial resources for food” (USDA) is a problem throughout the country, but programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), are helping to keep low-income families healthy. More Americans are affected by food insecurity than you may think:

1. Food insecurity exists in every single U.S. county (3,007 counties!)

2. Most SNAP recipients are families with children (70%)

3. Over half of food-insecure households participate in one of the five federal food assistance programs (58%)

4. Working people are often the heads of food-insecure households with children(85%)

5. Chances are you know or have met someone enrolled in the SNAP program (1 in 7 people)


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Want to learn more about food insecurity or do something about it? It’s easy. Food banks always need volunteers and donations, here’s a food bank directory to get you started.