Healthy Habits for Healthy Teens

It’s time to cook! Teens at Crestview Village are learning how to prepare meals during Teen Time. Teen Time is offered to the teenage residents of Crestview in La Vista, Nebraska, through the after-school program center. It focuses on giving teens a safe place where they can have fun, collaborate with others, and learn healthy habits for now and the future. 

In this Teen Time, high schoolers are working together to make a breakfast meal of scrambled eggs, bacon, bagels and traditional pancakes made from scratch. Afterward, they get to reap the benefits of their hard work too by enjoying a meal together. 

The After-School Program Manager, Fiona Kiagiri, believes that providing youth with good guidance, support, and mentorship now will help them make positive decisions for themselves. She’s dedicated to creating an environment where teens can learn, but also have fun along the way.