Giving Back One Stitch at a Time

Kindness is contagious, and a local group of knitters is spreading their compassion by helping those experiencing homelessness to bundle up.

The Nifty Knitters, a crafting group of seniors from Assisi Homes (Jefferson Court in Milwaukee), work together to provide hats, scarves, and mittens to a local nonprofit homeless shelter. Recently, they provided more than 50 different items to care for their homeless neighbors.

Residents have reported that they’re grateful and feel fortunate for their home and the services that they receive from the community. It is through giving back to others that they receive significant satisfaction and an overall sense of happiness to be able to do something for someone else; often individuals who may never be able to repay this generosity. Cathy, a Nifty Knitter since 2016, said, “I’ve been so blessed in my life with help from others. I’m just happy to pay it back.”