Where’s Wanda?

Wanda Great Grand daughter
Wanda and her family recently celebrated her granddaughter’s graduation from the inaugural CARE Center Pre-K Program

Wanda has become a household name at Mercy Othello Plaza. Since moving in last year, Wanda hasn’t wasted any time making friends with her new neighbors and was able to quickly form a close-knit community. When she speaks about her new home at Mercy Othello Plaza, Wanda is all smiles — “It’s a family. We help each other. We look out for each other. That’s what community is.” The Mercy Othello Plaza community wouldn’t be the same without Wanda’s smiling face!

On any given day, you can find Wanda chatting with her neighbors in the lobby, cooking with her grandkids and the other residents in the community room, or heading across the street to the light rail station to get to the grocery store. Wanda and her husband Clark also participate in most of the resident services programming. They never miss their monthly visit to the Othello Outreach Clinic. She is grateful to have a safe space for her grandkids to learn and play — whether they’re making healthy meals during Community Kitchen sessions onsite in the community room, or outside on the courtyard playground. “My life is very complete now because I have a community that I love… and I’m happy. There’s a difference between just living somewhere and a home, and this is my home.”


Meet Wanda — watch the video HERE