Resident Lorri’s New Years Wish Granted

Welcome Home Lorri!
Welcome Home Lorri!

For the past four years, Lorri had been living in unbearable conditions. Suffering from abuse, both mentally and physically, this was leading to deteriorating health conditions. After 28 years of marriage, her husband filed for divorce, and Lorri found herself in a worse situation.

Lorri had hired an acquaintance to help with yard work for the home she owned in El Dorado County. This acquaintance violently beat her, so badly that doctors didn’t think she would ever walk again. Soon after the attack, while still recovering emotionally and physically, her funding was suddenly discontinued.  Lorri was unable to pay her property taxes and lost her house. Lorri had no other option but to move in with her sister, and there she continued to be a victim of abuse.

Lorri is on Supplemental Security Income and her monthly income is under $900.Lorri was not able to meet the minimum income requirements for affordable housing. Time and time again she kept hearing the same things over: Your income is too low, there is a waitlist, or you’re not yet 62 years of age.

After continued patience and determination to find a better life for herself, a plan was put into place and Mercy Housing helped Lorri transfer into her own home! Lorri is now living on her own, she can access services such as Meals on Wheels, government sponsored cell phone service and In Home Support Services to ensure that she is on track with staying healthy and safe!