Sister Lillian Murphy & Jane Graf
Jane Graf and Sister Lillian Murphy

In June, Mercy Loan Fund’s Board of Directors and staff gathered in Denver for their annual strategic planning session.  While the annual meeting is an important event for both Board and staff, this year it was made even more special with a visit from Sister Lillian Murphy and Jane Graf.  Sister Lillian is retiring after having served for 27 years as Mercy Housing’s CEO, and Jane, with 22 years of experience at Mercy Housing, will take the helm when Sister Lillian retires.

 The Board and staff were treated to a special presentation by Sister Lillian and Jane about the rich history of Mercy Housing and its sponsor organizations, communities of Women Religious.  These women are compassionate advocates, intelligent business women and above all else, innovative problem solvers. Their aim is not just to alleviate symptoms of a larger problem, but, instead, to generate a concrete, organized response to concerns for housing justice for persons who are economically poor. 

 As the Board and staff said farewell to Sister Lillian and thanked her for her leadership over the past 27 years, they welcomed Jane Graf as their new leader, knowing that with her at the helm, Mercy Housing will continue to transform communities and lives for many more years to come.