Volunteers help Mercy Housing Lakefront Residents Celebrate the Holidays

Bank of America volunteers serve a hearty meal
Bank of America volunteers serve a hearty meal

This winter, Mercy Housing residents were able to celebrate the holiday season thanks to several groups of corporate volunteers.

Just before the holidays, Bank of America volunteers kicked off the holiday season at the Harold Washington Apartments. Volunteers served a hearty holiday meal and  spent time visiting with the residents. Bank of America passed out gifts to all of the residents in attendance.  The residents truly enjoyed this celebratory meal and valued the time they had to speak with the Bank of America employees. This event is a part of the valued and long-standing partnership between Bank of America and MHL which aims to preserve affordable housing throughout Chicago.

Linden, LLC sponsored a holiday party for 30 children living in MHL’s Austin properties.  Volunteers spent the afternoon wrapping gifts and playing board games, constructing crafts and distributing gifts with the students. Linden, LLC has adopted the Austin properties as a part of MHL’s Adopt-a-Building program.

Employees from Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd., sponsored a winter coat drive for students living in Mercy Housing Lakefront’s Austin properties. The coats were distributed along with gift bags including gloves, candy and holiday treats provided by long time volunteers, Kay Whitlock, Jack Ranttila and Pat Ranttila at the Thanksgiving party.

A view from the sewing table
Pullman & Beverly Bank employees instruct the residents on quilting.

Pullman Bank & Trust and Beverly Bank hosted a festive holiday celebration for residents at Pullman Wheelworks Apartments.  The families enjoyed a delicious meal, playing board games, creating a family quilt, and storytelling. The Goldstein Family also contributed to the event by donating books and games to complete the community room library.

Proud homebuilderFinally, the children at the Wentworth and Holland Apartments also had a fun-filled holiday thanks to St. Anthony’s parish. The group donated personalized gifts for each of the children at the buildings. The McCauley family also orchestrated an event in which the children built homemade gingerbread houses with materials baked by the family.

If you would like to sponsor an event at a building, please feel free to contact Alva Winfrey at awinfrey@mercyhousinglakefront.org.