Meet Our Mercy Housing Southeast Donors

Because of people like you so many people have been able to escape the streets and live in hope for a better life.

Mercy Housing Southeast programs and operations are funded through a combination of earned income from property operations and philanthropic support. We receive grants and charitable contributions from foundations, corporations, individuals, congregations, government agencies and other non-profit organizations. In addition, we leverage opportunities with a wide range of partners who bring valuable services and expertise that enable us to grow, support and sustain our work in the area of service-enhanced housing.

Organizational Donors

Arnall, Golden Gregory
Bank of America
Bleakly Advisory Group
Frances Hollis Brain Foundation Fund
Mary Allen Lindsey Branan Foundation
Brock Built Homes
Catholic Foundation of North Georgia
Choate Construction Company
Cognitive Design, LLC
John and Mary Franklin Foundation
Georgia Power
Price Gilbert, Jr. Charitable Fund
Goode Van Slyke Architecture
H.J. Russell & Company
Mary E. Haverty Foundation
Hunter Maclean
Mary Ryan & Henry G. Kuhrt Foundation
Lott Barber, Inc.
Mercy Care Foundation
Neighboring Concepts
Parallel Housing

Piedmont Healthcare
Pollack Family Fund
Prestwick Companies
Rea Ventures
Red Stone Equity Partners
Richard Bowers and Company
Rolyn Companies
Ida Alice Ryan Charitable Trust
Savannah Community Foundation
SK Collaborative
Sugar Creek Capital
SunTrust Bank
TBG Residential
The Michaels Organization
United Consulting
Vista Capital Management Group
Walton Communities
Wells Fargo Bank
Frances Wood Wilson Foundation
Wingate Capital Associates
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates

Individual Donors

James Alexander
Kristin Allin
Karen Anderson
Laura Andes
Fielding Arnold
Bobby Artis
Sejal Badre
Henry Baez
Antoinette Bailey
Darryl Bailey
The Bazer Family
Katheryn Beane
Kim Berglund
Helen Bernstein
Judith Blase
Alan Bradford
Rita Breen
Mary Brewer
Emi and Julie Bromberg
Marvin D. Bryant
Carmen Butler
Jason Butler
Nikki Canter
Karen Cathey
Mark Chesler
Melissa Clayton
Martha Clinkscales
Rachel Cochran
Hannah Coe
Jonathan Coe
Jonny Coe
Abby Cohen
William Cook
John Cota
Sister Donna Coward
Katie Crippen
Richard Crippen
Sara Crippen
Ami Cullen
Frances Cullen
Darrel Daise
Sandra Dandy
Felix deGolian III
Mallory deGolian
Scott Dent
Matthew Dickison
Gates Dunaway
Mercedes Dunmore
Edmund Egan
Andrew Fazackerley
Nasim Fluker
Sarah Fonder-Kristy
Alison Fossyl
Roland Fuentes
Roger Galinis
Carol Gardner
Julia Geier
Gregory Giuffrida
Audrey Godiers
Cecilia Golden
Jane Graf
Alena Green
Ying Guo
Ben Hall
Robert Hammock
Diana Hargreaves
Hilary Hargreaves
Susan Harms
Lee Harrop
Betty Harvey
Beth Haynes

Clyde Higgs
Bruce Hill
Liz Hill
Annie Hirst
Gideon Hoffer
Ronit Hoffer
Annie Horne
Jacqueline Horne
Brett Huckabee
Ramon Hughes
Young Hughley
William Hungeling
Ellen Hunter
David Hynes
David Jackson
Jennifer John
Kristopher John
Leanne Kaplan
Myrna Karsh
Susan Kessler
Lauren Kew
Keitt King
Eric Klein
Cheryl Knight
Jon Kohler
Kathryn Kolb
Adriana Lafaille
David Landis
Cecilia Leal
Ronald Lewis
Tiffanie Lewis
Donna Lipp
Kate Little
Susan and Forrest Lott
Barbara Lovatt
Julie Ludwick
Michael Mack
Stephanie Major
Jorge Manjarres
Robert and Judy Marans
Wayne Martin
Nicholas Mathias
Phoebe Mayor
Molly Miller
Paola Mitchell
Erik Moore
Marsha Moore
Nashawndre Moore
Nathaniel Moore
Robert Morris
David Moscovitz
Suraiya Mosley
Joshua Noblitt
Eileen O’Brien
Cheryll O’Bryan
Karen Olson
Timothy and Kate Partridge
Sheila Peterson
Mary Phelps
Andrew Pilchick and Joe Averbrook
Elizabeth Pilmack
Walter Plyler
Marc Pollack
Celia Price
Marilyn Ratzel
Melissa Reeves
Mason Reid
Matt Rendle
Ronald Renz

In-Kind Contributors

Peach State Health Plan
Senior Crimestoppers
U-Haul Corporation

Your donation can change lives in your area