Kids learn about math and science

Kids Jump Up and Down for Spring Break

Fun Fact: jumping up and down is an example of conserving energy from potential into kinetic energy. Seeing was believing for 35 kids at Mercy Housing Southeast’s Hills at Fairington and Terraces at Parkview who spent a day at Sky Zone Trampoline Park in April. As this group learned, there is more to jumping on a trampoline beyond exercise and fun. It can also be used to teach the basic laws of physics.

Youth Spring Break Sky Zone
Mercy Housing Southeast Youth learning about gravity.

Throughout the day, the kids were given the unique opportunity to see Hooke’s Law and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion in action…by jumping on trampolines!

“The day spent at Sky Zone was exciting for the kids, who also learned more about math and science in a way that made learning fun,” said Resident Services Manager, Dre Moore who helped organize this Out-of-School-Time activity.

Bullying Awareness and Prevention at Savannah Gardens

While kids at Hills at Fairington and Terraces at Parkview were busy learning about physics, 28 kids from Savannah Gardens took part in a four-day spring break minicamp.

Savannah Gardens Spring Break Camp
Savannah Gardens Youth taking time to enjoy the great outdoors during Spring Break.

Focused on educational activities and discussions around bullying awareness and prevention, the kids participated in role-playing and conversations built around positive behaviors vs. negative behaviors to promote youth development.

Dre explained, “Social-emotional learning is an educational approach that helps kids develop social skills and awareness of themselves and others.”