Izzy and a Mercy Housing Staff member smiling towards the camera while hugging, with the caption "Resident Stories - Izzy"

Learn. Eat. Play.

Izzy, a resident at Crestview Village in Omaha, Nebraska, has participated in Out-of- School Time programming for several years and loves to keep busy with her friends after school and during the summer. She adores the Mercy Housing staff and loves to enjoy the healthy and often yummy meals and snacks that are provided free of charge.

“We usually come home and go straight to Homework Club and what we do at Homework Club is we do activities. We have snacks. Everybody is happy…we usually always have fun. Sometimes we read books and do crafts,” said Izzy.

Recently, Izzy participated in a program called “Teen Time” that provides kids the opportunity to grow their leadership skills and expand their knowledge outside of the classroom.

“Teen Time is where you’re going into fifth grade and ten years old and up. You do these older-kid activities like science, and you get to play trivia and just have a lot of fun with older kids and get to know each other,” said Izzy.

Your support of Out-of- School Time continues to offer families peace of mind knowing their children are safe while providing kids like Izzy a positive, fun pathway towards success.