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Letter from Real Estate Director Ramie Dare

I clearly remember standing in our office kitchen in 2008 and learning that the City of San Francisco had awarded Mercy Housing the privilege of leading the neighborhood transformation at Sunnydale. I took on the role of Real Estate Director for Sunnydale HOPE SF that same year because I saw it as the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance not only to improve inadequate housing, but to provide a resilient community with the support that its people really needed and deserved to thrive.

When I was growing up, my parents opened a popular restaurant and were able to provide my sister and me with a middle-class life. I grew up in a nice neighborhood, went to a good public school, and was active in clubs and activities. I remember sitting in my high school chemistry class, feeling great, and wondering what I had done to deserve all that I had. The truth was, I hadn’t done anything — but I did not need to. We all deserve to live in quality housing, in a safe neighborhood, close to parks and outdoor spaces. A neighborhood where there is a community center — like the Sunnydale Hub — for family activities, and leadership programs for young people like the ones I participated in growing up. Where entrepreneurs like my parents can start a business that becomes the heart of the community.

I see my role as leading the transformation of Sunnydale’s physical infrastructure in order to support a flourishing social infrastructure. This can be achieved by developing the resources community members have identified as vital to enriching their lives and creating better futures for their kids. After more than a decade of planning, quality housing, expert childcare, welcoming community spaces, and great career opportunities are all becoming part of Sunnydale HOPE SF.

Our health, education, and economic work are all grounded through the voices and lived experiences of residents. Through our work in the Sunnydale neighborhood, we are investing in better opportunities and better futures for the San Franciscans who live here. We are proud to work with the residents of Sunnydale to create a healthy, supportive environment that all families deserve to call home.

Yours in Hope,

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Ramie Dare

Director of Real Estate Development, Mercy Housing California


Mercy Housing California is proud to collaborate with these visionary partners at Sunnydale HOPE SF:

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