Resident Voices – Christina

Meet Christina, a Mercy Housing resident at Francis Peak View in Utah who shared her personal story of overcoming adversity.

Resident Voices offers residents a platform to share their voice with the greater community. We applaud all those who have the interest to share their thoughts with us!

Francis Peak View is a family property located in Kaysville, Utah. The 120-unit community offers a variety of Resident Services programming that supports residents to live their full potential.

“Hello! My name is Christina! I’m a 22-year-old with autism along with other mental health challenges. I moved here [Francis Peak View] in April 2021 and live with my Emotional Support Dog, training for service work, Jax.

As someone that has gone through trauma and other bad things in life, let me give some advice to residents that may be struggling, whether it be mentally like me, physically, financially, etc. First of all, NEVER GIVE UP! I know life is hard, but you have a lot of big happy things waiting for you to come over to them. If you give up, you’ll never meet them and you’ll fill your spirit with regret wishing you could have a second chance. You only live once. So, make the best of your life even if you need to crawl through it. Secondly, pain doesn’t last forever. If you’re suffering through any kind of pain, remember that someday it’ll be all over, and you can look back and say, “Wow, I was hurting and now I made it past it”!

You will be blessed greatly for hurting and still moving forward. Trust me, I know from experience. And lastly, remember that people love you! You may be surprised by the number of people that appreciate your existence. If you decide to throw your life away, think about those people and how heartbroken they would feel. If you’re struggling, talk to those people that care.

Through the many times I’ve had to talk to people because of my struggles, I have been able to maintain closer relationships with friends, neighbors, and family. These people are a huge blessing and want to see the best from you! Well, I hope all of this helps, especially through these rough days we’re all facing. I love and appreciate all of you. Good luck from me and Jax!”

— Christina B.