3 Housing Equity Questions with Shocking Answers

The notion that housing justice is social justice, is at the heart of Mercy Housing’s work. Without a stable place to call home, it’s near impossible to pursue a healthy, prosperous life. Here are three questions that put the importance of housing into perspective:

1. Where can a full-time minimum wage earner afford a home in the U.S.?

money, affordable rent, supply of housing

ANSWER: Nowhere.

*Source: The Gap Report 2019 | NLIHC

2. How many states have an adequate supply of affordable housing?

teenage boy looking sad, housing, unemployment, supply of housing


*Source: The Gap Report 2019 | NLIHC

3. Who needs shelter, privacy, security, and a place to sleep?

family, fair housing, affordable housing

ANSWER: Everyone.

There are over seven million people living with low incomes in need of affordable rental housing. The need is greater than ever before, but together in partnership with communities we can all make a difference.

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