Page Commons is Feeling the Love

Page Commons is Feeling the Love

Seniors are the most vulnerable populations when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. Although stay-at-home protocols have loosened, seniors across the nation are being asked to remain at home for their safety, creating continued stress and anxiety. Thanks to the amazing support from one Arizona community, residents at Page Commons are feeling the love.

Melanie, Community Resources Program Supervisor for the Town of Gilbert, has been instrumental in helping connect needs in the community with available resources. She keeps a pulse on what is happening and knows the “community is very responsive and giving.”

Page Commons is Feeling the LoveRecently, Melanie coordinated a special visit from the Gilbert Fire Department. The crew arrived with pizzas for all and delivered slices door-to-door. While the pizza was well received, the firefighters’ presence was the biggest treat to residents who have been practicing social distancing since March.

“Gilbert tries to create a culture of employees that talk to each other and work together to better connect needs within the community and better serve residents. So, when the fire department calls to say they would like to help out, ‘do you know anyone in need,’ I can say Page Commons would be a great place to start,” said Melanie.

Page Commons is Feeling the LoveSeniors at Page Commons were also graced with a generous donation from the Mission Community Church. They received an enormous donation of produce, meat, eggs, canned goods, and dry goods this month. Roughly 2000 pounds of fresh vegetables and fruit were distributed throughout the property. Additionally, Mission Community Church also donated 200 boxed lunches – ensuring every senior received a meal.

Glenn, Resident Services Coordinator at Page Commons, has been overwhelmed by the community’s response to help.

“Right now, many residents are feeling isolated and many no longer have relatives and close friends that they can stay in touch with. To have entities like the Town of Gilbert that have orchestrated connections with groups like Gilbert Fire Department and Mission Community Church have made such a difference because I know they [Page Commons seniors] realize there are groups and organizations that really care about them. Not to mention, the Town of Gilbert grant that enables me to provide things for them that they would not have access to,” Glenn said.

Mission Community Church has helped Page Commons, hundreds of individuals, and other nonprofits within the community. In response to the pandemic, they created a coalition of churches and developed (Help Enable Local Pandemic Response) to share information and resources. Here, organizations and individuals can either offer help or ask for help. Since the site launched in March, they have filled over 200 needs in Gilbert, with over 900 offers to help.

Looking ahead, Melanie would like to continue to focus on these community connections with Mission Community Church, the Gilbert Fire Department, and other nonprofits to keep the momentum moving forward in the community. We would like that too! We are grateful for these amazing connections and the support seniors at Page Commons have seen during this crisis.