Hope During a Crisis

Mercy Housing’s mission to create stable and healthy communities by offering program-enriched housing for families, seniors, and people with special needs who lack the economic resources to access quality, safe housing opportunities is more important today than ever before.

This is an anxious time for everyone and the response from the community has been overwhelming, showing the true spirit of Mercy Housing. Your efforts have shown a true dedication to supporting Mercy Housing residents in need and we are so grateful.

We’ve also seen amazing creativity to meet the demands of the changing landscape this crisis presents from our staff. Resident Service Coordinators (RSCs) are rising to the challenge and are working hard to keep spirits high and stay connected with residents every day. So, what exactly is happening at the properties? Wonderful things! Here are a few highlights:

• Food pantries are experiencing record participation
Food pantries are experiencing record participation over the last several weeks.

Your charitable gifts have kept the food pantries open and well stocked with essentials. Residents can utilize this free, onsite program offered at many of our communities. Commodity boxes and food bags are being delivered to residents’ doors or can be picked up by appointment. This program ensures all residents have the food they need for themselves and their families.

• Senior properties are hosting window and doorway art shows
Senior properties are hosting window and doorway art shows.

With your financial support, senior properties are able to provide the needed supplies to host window and doorway art shows. RSCs are distributing colored pencils, markers, and coloring sheets to residents that offer an opportunity to be creative and share some cheer. When the sheets are complete, residents display their art on their hallway door or window for all to see.

• Out-of-School Time staff have been busy putting together craft packets with healthy snacks Out-of-School Time staff have been busy…

…putting together craft packets for students at family properties across the region. Because of your generosity, these fun packets include healthy snacks and are helping kids stay engaged with school and provide fun activities to keep them busy during stay-at-home protocols.

• Have you received your origami tea party invitation? Have you received your origami tea party invitation?

This virtual party for seniors helps reduce social isolation and includes a tea bag with a special note — “Although we can’t be together to share this cup of tea, we can make a cup virtually. I want you to know that you are one of a kind. And soon this social distancing will be far behind. Until that time, I will think of you and you can think of me. Let’s make a toast to our virtual tea.”

Amid these changing times, we look to each other for help and support. We are so THANKFUL to you and the continued support from our community partners, donors, and volunteers. Special thanks to our staff working on the front line of this crisis across the region. We are in this together!