Ellen, Debra, and Caryl at St. Catherine’s 125th Anniversary celebration.

New Home, New Skills

Your support helped Caryl gain new skills and independence in her pursuit of a career she’ll love.

As a speaker at the Live in Hope Celebration, Caryl shared her experiences from living at St. Catherine Residence. For 11 years, Caryl has called St. Catherine’s home and she spoke about her personal growth over the years with great pride. When she first came to the community, Caryl struggled to live independently and relied on others for help. Since coming to St. Catherine’s, she explained that “My problem-solving abilities have improved. My experience at St. Catherine Residence has made me a better person.” Caryl continued, saying that St. Catherine’s “has helped me come up with goals and has pushed me forward in my life.” She cited attending a variety of classes at St. Catherine’s through their Resident Services programs as particularly helpful — “I always feel that I get something out of it that I can use.”

In particular, she benefited from yoga classes which “help me clear my mind and relax.” Because St. Catherine’s offers a computer lab with classes, Caryl can now more easily search for jobs and complete online job applications.

Caryl stressed that she has also grown her interpersonal skills, honing her cooperation and teamwork while building meaningful relationships with fellow residents and neighbors. “My parents and I are very grateful for the opportunity to live in St. Catherine Residence.”