Keep Your Home Cool and Green This Summer

Earth Overshoot Day

Mercy Housing believes it is our duty and responsibility to incorporate environmental stewardship principles into all areas of our work. Our Green Hope program is helping us do just that. Reducing consumption not only helps to save our planet– it can pay off in a big way.

As of today, July 29, humans have used more natural resources since the beginning of 2019 than what our planet can regenerate in an entire year – our current demand on Earth’s resources is 1.75 times what our planet’s ecosystem regenerates each year. As a planet, we’re depleting our natural capital at an ever-increasing rate. Humanity started running an ecological deficit nearly five decades ago – Earth Overshoot Day has moved two months earlier and July 29 marks the earliest the date has ever been.

All of us have opportunities to lessen our impacts on the environment. Want to learn more about what you can do to help move the Overshoot Day back? #MoveTheDate

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