Chair Yoga class at Countryside Senior Apartments

Laugh, Love, and… Stretch?

Staying active and socializing is important — for everyone — and especially for seniors! At Mercy Housing Lakefront’s Countryside Senior Apartments in Chicago, Illinois, residents have a Chair Yoga program, offering exercise and fun. Routine Chair Yoga classes have countless benefits for participants including improved balance, core, and most importantly, a way to come together and laugh.

Through Mercy Housing Lakefront’s partnership with Aging Care Connections this incredible Chair Yoga class is offered at no cost to residents. “They make classes interesting and fun,” says Director of Resident Services, Jennifer. She knows residents very well and enjoys seeing how much they engage with activities like Chair Yoga.

Jennifer explains, “the residents love opportunities to interact, they’re very supportive and helpful with each other. Chair Yoga is great because it reduces social isolation, helps their joints, core, and balance, as well as offering a kind of meditation. It’s important to keep them [residents] feeling young at heart and mind, and this offers just that.”