$3 Million Donation to U.S. Affordable Housing Comes from Abroad

The Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland has made a sizable donation to the largest affordable housing nonprofit in the U.S., Mercy Housing, Inc., to build opportunity for low-income families.

DENVER, CO — This three-million-dollar gift marks the two organizations’ first partnership, and a major step toward improving low-income people’s access to essential job, health, and education resources for the residents of Mercy Housing. Mercy Housing Inc. (MHI) received the donation from the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland this September.

MHI’s affordable housing model offers homes for low-income families, veterans, and people who experience homelessness with an innovative addition — resident services. These resident services, deemed essential by affordable housing experts, offer residents more than just a roof over their heads; they get access to resources that will help them thrive rather than simply survive in communities. Resident services include but aren’t limited to career assistance, financial planning, and health and wellness initiatives.

“The Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy are really making a positive impact for people in need. They understand why MHI offers these resident services—because a home is just the beginning. This donation increases our capacity to offer residents an attainable avenue to success, whether it’s career goals, education, or aging in grace.” — Jane Graf, Mercy Housing President & CEO

This donation will support MHI’s ongoing innovation in the field and substantially improve how a service is delivered while deepening the impact of those services. Additionally, this will support new resident services and build staff’s capacity. The funding will further MHI’s ability to provide these essential services and research avenues to create long-term and more permanent funding sources.

Examples of programs this funding will support:

  • Capital project to enhance service delivery
  • Training or consulting expense that builds capacity and enhances quality of services
  • Technology/delivery approach that strives for greater reach and efficiency
  • Investment in strategies to yield new partnerships with demonstratable impact
  • Provide additional service capacity on high need properties until additional resources can be secured.

With a presence in 41 states, MHI caught the attention of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland, as they’re a trusted organization with the capacity to absorb the donation with maximum effectiveness. MHI recently completed a five-year study supporting their long-held claim that effective resident services prevent eviction — coupled with the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland’s donation, MHI is poised to continue their work amidst the nation’s most prolific affordable housing crisis for generations. MHI was started by Catholic Sisters but is currently not a part of the Catholic Church and is a registered 501(c)(3).

About Mercy Housing, Inc.

Mercy Housing, Inc. (MHI), is a leading national affordable housing nonprofit headquartered in Denver, Colo. Established by the Sisters of Mercy in 1981, and in operation in 41 states, MHI has over 35 years’ experience developing, preserving, managing, and financing affordable housing. MHI supplements much of its housing with Resident Services, programs that help residents build stable lives. MHI’s subsidiaries further the organization’s mission: Mercy Housing Management Group (MHMG) offers professional property management and Mercy Loan Fund (MLF) finances nonprofit organizations.

MHI serves tens of thousands of people with low incomes, including families, seniors, veterans, people who have experienced homelessness, and people with disabilities. Its mission is to build a more humane world where poverty is alleviated, communities are healthy, and all people can live to their full potential. To learn more about MHI and the services it provides, visit mercyhousing.org.