OUR HOMES, OUR VOICES week of action



Today marks the beginning of the Our Homes, Our Voices National Housing Week of Action (May, 1 – 8). As a nation, the cost of owning and renting a home has surpassed our investments in affordable housing and millions lack safe and affordable housing. The debilitating effects of this problem stretches deep into the fabric of our society and single mother’s struggle to pay rent, veterans are underemployed, and people suffering from mental illness are unable to find a home. Every state experiences this problem and as the nation’s largest affordable housing nonprofit, Mercy Housing is dedicated to the efforts of this campaign to expand funding for HUD and USDA Rural Development programs.

Five Reasons to Get Involved:

  1. Housing assistance has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to help families, children, and youth escape poverty.
  2. Research indicates that a child’s neighborhood and home life have a significant impact on their performance in school.
  3. Higher earnings and lower rates of incarceration than young adults from unassisted low-income households.
  4. When children switch schools frequently due to instability or homelessness, they’re more likely to struggle academically and display behavioral problems.
  5. It creates jobs, boosts families’ incomes, and encourages further development.

(Sourced from the Our Homes, Our Voices website:  https://www.ourhomes-ourvoices.org/about)

Mercy Housing encourages you to get involved with this campaign by visiting the Our Homes, Our Voices website. They have an incredible array of resources, toolkits, and events.

Highlights from last year’s campaign: