Dreaming Big

Savannah residents Craig and Ernestine

Savannah residents Craig and Ernestine

Before finding Mercy Housing, Savannah residents Craig and Ernestine struggled to care for their adult son with autism on a limited household budget. Like any family, they wanted a safe place to live, but labored to find a home they could afford with Savannah’s high housing and rental prices.

The energetic couple, who recently renewed their wedding vows, moved into their Mercy Housing rental home in 2014 with their son. They dream of becoming homeowners themselves one day.

“The Savannah Garden’s community is an inspiration for residents, especially for those who look to become homeowners,” Craig and Ernestine said.

Since finding an affordable place to live at Mercy Housing, their dream of homeownership can become a reality. They plan on saving enough money to eventually purchase a home in Eastside Savannah, close to where they now live.

Their dreams don’t stop at homeownership. Since moving into Savannah Gardens, Craig has been taking adult education classes, while Ernestine has begun to train for new employment opportunities.

Their son is also thriving. Mercy Housing Resident Services staff helped connect the family to health care, and he now receives speech therapy at home. His communication skills have since improved, and now he is able to respond to questions. And since their new home is close to a bus line, he can easily participate in the community activities he loves, like volunteering for the food bank!

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