Charter One Bank Helps Plant More than 1,500 Flower Bulbs at Pullman Wheelworks Apartments

Charter One volunteers.

Charter One volunteers.

Mercy Housing Lakefront teamed up with Charter One employees earlier this fall to get a head start on landscaping at the Pullman Wheelworks Apartments.

The Charter One employee volunteers worked together with Pullman Wheelworks residents to landscape and beautify the exterior of the building.  The group planted dozens of shrubs and more than 1,500 flower bulbs.

Mercy Housing Lakefront purchased Pullman Wheelworks Apartments, a historic building providing affordable homes for 210 families, in December 2011.  The renovation of the building was completed in October.  Thanks to Charter One, the exterior has also been improved.


Charter One volunteers in action at the Pullman Wheelworks entrance

“Thank you Charter One,” said Cindy Holler, Mercy Housing Lakefront President. “This landscape work will not only help beautify the exterior of the building, but will also make residents proud to call Pullman Wheelworks their home,” said Cindy Holler.

If you are interested in planning a corporate volunteer event with Mercy Housing Lakefront, please call (312)447-4545.

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