Facing difficult times, Shannon lives in hope

Moving from shelter to shelter with her son was one of the most difficult things Shannon ever had to do. She would be the first to tell you that she was surprised to find herself in a homeless shelter. She had a great job as a physical trainer and lived in a comfortable apartment with her son. They were happy and healthy and then suddenly she lost her job.

With nowhere to go, Shannon and her young son ended up in a homeless shelter.

After transitioning from one shelter to another, Shannon was introduced to a permanent housing option with Mercy Housing Northwest. Soon after, Shannon and her son moved into the Family Tree Apartments in Everett. Though she wasn’t employed at the time of the move, she didn’t lose hope. She enrolled in community college and her efforts quickly paid off when she found a job at a local hospital. Over the past two years, Shannon has had to deal with a number of medical complications, leaving her with hefty bills. With the help of her MHNW case manager, Shannon has learned how to manage her finances. She has also connected with the on-site resources offered at Family Tree, learning how to live a healthier lifestyle to maintain her health. Shannon never lost hope and this holiday season, Shannon and her son have plenty to celebrate.

Read more in the latest issue of Mercy Housing Northwest’s Newsletter: From Our Front Porch

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