Donor Spotlight: U.S. Bank

US Bank LogoAs a company that invests in strong vibrant communities, U.S. Bank is a natural partner for Mercy Housing. U.S. Bank and Mercy Housing have worked together for many years to build strong communities across the country. U.S. Bank often helps to finance affordable housing and also provides donations to support programming for residents.

U.S. Bank builds communities by focusing on the foundations of a strong community, and education is one of those foundational elements. That’s why U.S. Bank encouraged the academic achievement of Mercy Housing’s school-aged residents by providing backpacks filled with school supplies, just in time for the school year.

From July until the end of August this year, U.S. Bank has held 14 backpack events in 13 markets including Seattle, Denver, Chicago and Boise, ID. U.S. Bank distributed over 1,700 backpacks’ full of important  school supplies such as folders, notebooks, pens and more, to low-to-moderate students. U.S. Bank volunteers, along with site volunteers, such as Mercy Housing staff, helped to put the backpacks together. Earlier this year, U.S. Bank donated more than 1,000 school supplies to children who reside in Mercy Housing Lakefront properties. The donation helped hundreds of children prepare for a successful second-half of the school year.

“U.S. Bank is committed to supporting the communities in which we do business,” said Lisa Glover, executive vice president and director of community affairs at U.S. Bank.

Having the appropriate supplies to do well in school is important. Children can act on what they learn and practice in the classroom. However, school supplies can be quite expensive for families struggling just to get food on the table. Mercy Housing families benefit greatly by having backpacks and supplies generously donated by U.S. Bank.


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