Never underestimate the power of engaged citizens!

The Los Angeles advocacy group UNIDAD (United Neighbors in Defense Against Displacement) recently awarded Mercy a $200,000 grant for affordable housing on Washington Boulevard in South L.A.  UNIDAD, a community group that is part of SAJE (Strategic Actions for a Just Economy) organized with local residents and negotiated the UNIDAD Lorenzo Community Benefits Agreement, which supports low-income residents in South L.A. and protects families from displacement caused by major redevelopment.

The grant will support new affordable housing on Washington Boulevard, where MHC is working to build up to four properties to help low-income families living in the area find, and keep, stable and affordable housing. We’re incredibly grateful to our friends at UNIDAD for the gift.  The UNIDAD Lorenzo CBA Grant will help us get the first building built so we can start housing low-income families as soon as possible.  We especially appreciate this grant, because the committee that made all of the decisions was made up of people from the local community.  Thanks to all of our friends from UNIDAD for trusting us to get the job done!

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