Mission Possible: Volunteers Provide Interior Improvements

Who would’ve thought interior improvements had such a meaningful impact on so many people?

Mission Possible volunteering

Once a year an occasion known as “Mission Possible” is reserved for Mercy Housing California and Mercy Housing Management Group staff to volunteer in the community. Some give back to their favorite organizations while others enjoy volunteering with Mercy Housing.

During a week in February, property management personnel provided a much needed facelift to a few older apartments. Staff worked together to creatively revitalize community rooms of The Dudley, the Madonna Residence, John King Senior Community and Peter Cleaver in San Francisco. These common areas provide much needed social spaces for residents to hold community events, participate in food bank and health related activities, exercise and even master a new language. Brightening up these spaces was a top priority for our volunteers!

Prop Mgmt - Mission Possible 2Volunteers fervently repainted the corridor of The Hamilton Center, a social services center at the The Dudley Apartments, located in the heart of the South of Market, Sixth Street. With all its San Francisco history and olden glory, The Dudley deserved to shine brighter.

With the grand opening celebration of the Madonna Residence under way in less than 24 hours, the main and second floor lobbies, community room and offices were given a final touch-up including waxing, some coats of paint and a thorough power-wash.

John King Senior and Peter Cleaver Communities also underwent small but beautiful interior transformations.

One thought on “Mission Possible: Volunteers Provide Interior Improvements

  1. great job! keep up the work you have already been blessed by your good deeds. May God richly bless your lives as you have blessed others:) PLEASE SEND ME INFO. FOR UPCOMING EVENTS LIKE THIS ONE FOR SUMMER/FALL 2013.

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