Bridging the Digital Divide: Bermuda Gardens Celebrates One Economy Broadband Access

Through the federal government’s Broadband Technology Opportunities Program stimulus grant, One Economy, an organization that connects under-served communities to technology, has provided free broadband installation and 3 years of free broadband access at 6 Mercy Housing properties. One Economy hired and paid monthly stipends to a resident trained in technology support to provide technical assistance to residents at each of the 6 properties for the first year.

For communities that would otherwise be left behind by limited or no access to the Internet, the installation of a broadband infrastructure is the first step to bridging the digital gap. MHC residents now have the ability to access educational materials and services, help students learn, receive job training and connect with others.

On November 15 and 16, 2010, residents participated in Mercy Housing Bermuda Gardens’ Launch Event. During the event, One Economy’s Broadband Technology van was on hand to offer Digital Literacy Training to residents.

One Economy trained 16 residents and provided almost 30 trainings. Residents were excited to learn about an array of topics ranging from Internet Safety, Microsoft Office Suite, e-mail to job search skills. Those who participated received Norton Antivirus software donated by Symantec.

Watch this video to learn more about One Economy’s ongoing partnership with Mercy Housing: